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 How much funding does your business need?

A lack of funding is one of the most common reasons new business' don't make it past the development stage. Any business idea, no matter how great, doesn't stand a chance without the funding needed to get it off the ground. Don't put your entrepreneurial dreams aside because you lack the funds needed to get it started. Small business funding is available for your small business; in the form of Loc, Cards, grants, loans, tax credits and private investments. Find out exactly how much money is available in your industry.

We have a proven formula


1. $200K to $1,000,000 in Total Business Unsecured Funding.

2. $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 in Total Commercial Funding.

You will need a Aged corp that is 2years or older with credit history establish or we can provide you with business primary tradelines. We also have corps that are credit ready to go into funding packages too. Perfect for real estate investors, healthcare, trucking, technology, food services, bio energy, commercial real estate as well.

Please Note: if you need credit repair service give us a call or email.

1. You cannot have no new Derogatory Items or they will have to be over 24mo old. 

2.  If your Credit History is less then 4 years old, you will need tradelines to show older credit history which we can provide for you.

3.   If your Combined Unsecured Revolving Debt is more than 29% of your available Unsecured Revolving Credit Limit, you can pay it down to 29% or we can add tradelines to offset your debt.

4. Your credit score must be at least 680 for us to be able to help you secure funding.

Our years of helping businesses get working capital allows us to offer you this Risk Free process to get your cash, free if we can't deliver on our end.

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